About NerdEcon and The Team

Have you have ever read a book or watched a movie and wondered, "What would it be like to live in that world?" NerdEcon evolved from the idea that looking at these worlds from a business perspective could be another way of bringing them to life. NerdEcon strives to apply the concepts of economics, accounting, and finance to fictional examples as a means of providing a unique look at business subjects that are often stereotyped as dull.

Nick and Lexor are childhood friends who ended up being business majors on opposite sides of the country. Both are passionate about various "nerd" and business topics. NerdEcon is the brainchild of Nick. After initial reluctance, Lexor realized the excuse of not having enough time for NerdEcon was on weak footing when Nick wrote for NerdEcon, worked out consistently, got commissioned as an officer, graduated college, and beat him in a year long reading competition...all in the same year. Now, working on NerdEcon has replaced playing Halo as the primary remote "bro" activity.

Supreme Chancellor: Nicholas Haberling


“A national treasure… witty and endearing… a wonderful combination of Stephen King and Tom Clancy.” These are just a few of the reviews Nick hopes to find someday on the first page of the novels he can never seem to finish writing. Until then, Nick enjoys providing a passionate analysis of classic science-fiction movies, novels, and video games from a business minded point of view. His resume is filled with notable accomplishments such as beating all the Halo games on Heroic difficulty level. And no one can forget the countless campaigns he successfully completed against the traitorous Rebel Alliance in the name of Emperor Palpatine across a variety of gaming systems.

Nick graduated from Gonzaga University in May 2017. He enjoys fitness, basketball (Lakers Nation), and Star Wars. 


Wizard: Lexor Adams


Hailing from the great American Pacific Northwest, Lexor is now a finance student in the Northeast. His past experiences include working for a national lab, a humanitarian organization in Haiti, Amazon, and a private trust company. He also maintains his EMT certification (and usually has a tourniquet with him...just in case of massive hemorrhage).

His great loves include the outdoors, moving long distances at a horrifically slow pace (running), reading, and foreign policy/national security. His great dislikes include people oversimplifying complicated problems and his own habit of buying more books than he could ever possibly read.

He notably does not have a Facebook...and spends all the time he saves on Instagram.